Community Led Approach to Fuel Efficient Cook Stoves: a joint initiative between CLTS Foundation and Vita

“Last week (20th Nov 2018 to 29th Nov 2018), CLTS Foundation joined hands with Vita, an Irish NGO  to commit to the cause of contributing to Ethiopia’s strategy to improve efficiency of biomass use which plays a major role in Ethiopia’s vision of becoming a middle-income country with a Climate-Resilient Green Economy (CRGE) by 2025.

The World Energy Council defines biomass as sources of energy that is being derived from organic matter provided that they are not embedded in geological formations, i.e., fossilized. Traditional forms of biomass imply forestry and agricultural residues. Data from The World Energy Council reveals that woody biomass is the source of over 10% of all energy supplied annually in the primary energy supply of forest biomass used worldwide. Overall, woody biomass provides about 90% of the primary energy annually sourced from all forms of biomass. About 90% of all the biomass consumption is in the traditional use. The major use of biomass (two-thirds) is in the form of cooking and heating in rural areas of developing countries.”

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