Eritrea, Ethiopia and Ireland unite for birthday celebration!

This week, we are delighted in the Dublin office to have some of our esteemed and sensational colleagues from Eritrea and Ethiopia visit us to share in our 30thbirthday celebrations.

We are thrilled to have delegations arriving from our two programme countries for a much-needed catch up and hopefully some of the delicious African coffee we are so addicted to!

Joining us will be our Ethiopian country director, Asfaw Mekuria, as well as his colleagues Solomon Tadesse and Sultan Abdurahman George. Thanks to the hard work of this exceptional team, Vita’s programmes continue to grow and evolve in Ethiopia, and we are so grateful they get to share this night of celebrations with us!

We are delighted to have Iyassu Ghebrerufael, our Eritrean country director, also join us. Iyassu, along with his brilliant staff, has brought so much to our projects in Eritrea and we are looking forward to having time to look back on our shared achievements as well as forward to all we’ve yet to accomplish over the coming days.

However, this isn’t a holiday! We have them all on a tight schedule of meeting our loyal supporters, partners and friends so there won’t be any time for jet lag! We’ll be keeping you posted on everything they get up to on their whirlwind trip to a misty and slightly damp Dublin.

As we celebrate the new peace between Ethiopia and Eritrea, it is a very special moment for Vita to bring our three offices together in celebration of new and exciting collaborations in Africa and beyond.