Last Saturday, the Eritrean Ministry of Agriculture organized a special dinner for Dr. John Burke, one of Teagasc‘s world-renowned potato experts, thanking him for his significant contribution to agriculture in Eritrea.
The Minister for Agriculture, Mr Hurruy and several staff members of EIDP were present at the meal, as well as our own fabulous Eritrean Country Director, Ato Iyassu.
Dr Burke was presented with a beautiful painting by Minister Arefaine – a tranquil country scene which John’s work has been so vital in supporting. Ato Iyassu was also quick to sing Vita’s many praises of John, in a heartfelt letter of thanks and appreciation.
John’s dedication to Vita’s work in providing climate-smart agriculture and improved potato farming has been vital in building sustainable livelihoods for small farmers in Eritrea. One of Teagasc’s leading experts on all things spud, he has championed our values of providing research-led, knowledge-driven solutions to environmental issues affecting rural communities.
We are thrilled to see the work of such a dedicated expert being honoured by the Eritrean government, and it is a testament to the successful partnership of Vita with some of Teagasc’s most innovative experts.
John has been a source of constant inspiration for us and we are delighted to have had his guidance in establishing improved and sustainable potato farming in Eritrea. A proud day for everyone – congratulations John!