Today marks the International Day of Families – a day to celebrate and cherish those who were born family, and those who have become our family along the way. At Vita, family, in all its forms, is at the heart of everything we do. Keeping families together, in their communities, traditions, and livelihoods, has always been our primary focus. It has motivated us to find real and impactful climate solutions for those families worst affected by climate change so that they can continue to thrive and support each other in rural economies. 

From fuel-efficient cookstove projects that save women time and money, improved potato crops that produce high yields, to clean water systems that safeguard children from waterborne diseases, our community-led focus is always on protecting the unity of the family and ensuring they have access to a better, fairer future. 

The theme for this year’s #DayofFamilies is a focus on the 13th Sustainable Development Goal – to combat climate change and its impacts. Climate mitigation and adaptation continues to form a bigger role in our work, as we see more and more pastoral communities in Africa being challenged by harsh weather conditions that no longer guarantee food or water for their livestock or crops.

As a result, we have harnessed the expertise of excellent partners – from the leading voices on all things potato at Teagasc, Country Crest, and Keogh’s to the vital support of Irish Aid and the enthusiasm of the CLTS Foundation – to deliver programs that offer lasting climate solutions. 

While we are excited to see the momentum that is gathering for more climate action, we know that, in order to continue to support families, more is needed from us. All of us. We feel so lucky to have an extended and growing family of partners – some of whom have watched and supported us grow over the past 30 years – that allow us to grow our mission and ambitions year on year. Until the day we are no longer needed.

While climate change continues to present us with more and more challenges, it is the power of the family that keeps us hopeful. We know, if we can continue to harness that love, respect, trust, and support, then the better, fairer future we dream of can and will become a reality.