While some of you might know the brave men and women of Dublin City Fire Brigade for their ability to fight fires, they also have another superpower – fighting hunger and climate change in Africa!

Yes, we are thrilled to announce that this year, our biggest fundraising event – the Great Ethiopian Run – will be made even bigger by a brilliant team of some of Dublin’s boldest and fastest firefighters! From June 15th until the end of July, you can find these exceptional pillars of society on Grafton Street every Saturday from 10am-2pm, where they will be asking YOU, the wonderful, generous public to give what you can to support them as they run for their lives and climate action in Africa!

This November, these members of Dublin Fire Brigade will be joining us in Addis Ababa for Africa’s largest road race – an international 10km high-altitude walk or run (for the more ambitious amongst us) founded by the legendary, world record breaking Ethiopian athlete Haile Gebreselassie. They will be running to raise funds for our programmes in Ethiopia and Eritrea which support rural communities as they struggle to adapt to worsening environmental conditions. 

So please make sure to pop by this and every Saturday over the coming weeks to show your appreciation for their climate-fighting dedication! Bring your friends, your kids, or your firefighting hardhat for a cheeky firetruck selfie and to give the price of a coffee, an ice-cream, or the woolly hat you need in this ridiculously wintery June to a worthy cause! Just a few euros can make a truly monumental difference – don’t let the firefighters run in vain!

Poverty, ill-health, migration, drought, unsustainable livelihoods, and increased mortality rates are just some of the issues the communities we work with are confronted with on a daily basis as a result of climate change. Our mission is to collaborate with these communities to find climate solutions that ensure not just families’ survival but also safeguard their long-term physical, financial, and emotional wellbeing.

From fuel-efficient cook stove initiatives that reduce indoor air pollution and deforestation, to repairing water points so that people once again have access to safe and clean drinking water, Vita is dedicated to installing sustainable programmes that provide real and impactful benefits to the environment, vulnerable communities, and our shared atmosphere. Find out more about the programmes Dublin Fire Brigade are supporting here.

Can’t make it? If you’re avoiding the weekend crowds but would still like to support, you can do so by making a valued contribution here.

We are so grateful to all our partners who will be joining us in Ethiopia to see first-hand the work their invaluable support makes possible. Stay tuned for lots more updates and, in the meantime, let’s get that siren on and get out to support Dublin Fire Brigade! 

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