Getting Fired up for Climate Action! Our  Installation on Bringing Climate Justice to Africa


Last Friday was a momentous day for the planet as it saw approximately four million people,most of them children, down pens and paper to attend a global strike for climate action.

To celebrate this day of Global Climate Action, Vita held a special launch of its week-long installation in the offices of their partners, Dublin City Council. Entitled, ‘Getting Fired up for Climate Action – How Sustainable Stoves are Cooking up Solutions to Climate Inequality in Africa’, the installation used the simple example of cooking to demonstrate the energy, health, and economic inequalities between Ireland and the parts of Africa where climate change is having the biggest effect.

Showing the varying effects on the climate, environment, and society, the installation displayed three cooking methods – traditional stove use in Africa, a fuel-efficient improvement, and our Irish means of cooking – and how they differ in the amount of energy, time, and effort they need.

Vita was also privileged to have the 12 year-old environmental activist, Flossie Donnelly, join us for the launch alongside Green Party Councillor Michael Pidgeon. Both guests spoke passionately and eloquently about our need to act local and think global when addressing climate change and provided an inspirational start to an emotional day of activism!

From there, we headed down to the Climate Strike beginning in Dublin City Centre, armed with leftover breakfast goods to feed some hungry students! Needless to say they were devoured in 20 seconds flat! The atmosphere of the strike was both inspirational and emotional and highlighted the power we can all have to make a difference when we unite for the good of our planet and its people!