About Vita

Vita is a smart, successful, next-generation Irish development partner that has been supporting farmers and communities in Africa for over 30 years. Our goal is to facilitate thriving rural climate-smart economies in Africa with access to services, markets and livelihoods for all. Our approach combines knowledge-backed, expert collaborations, community-led initiatives, transformational technology and innovative financing models.

Starting out as Refugee Trust International (RTI), we originally focused on refugees in areas of conflict but realised we could be more effective by focusing our energies on the causes of migration and collaborating with people to facilitate sustainable livelihoods within their own communities.  You can read more about Vita’s history here.

As regions in East Africa experience some of the worst effects of climate change, we partner with rural communities in Ethiopia and Eritrea to create sustainable, climate smart livelihoods. Our values centre on sustainability and adaptability, with each of our programmes dedicated to not only mitigating climate change but also ensuring that partners, communities, and families are equipped with the skills, training, and resources needed to thrive.

All of our programmes are community-led, with an emphasis on gender and social equality.  These ground-up initiatives include climate-smart agriculture such as the innovative Irish Potato Coalition and the female-driven fuel-efficient cook stoves programme as well as our award-winning community waterpoint repair programme. Read about the impact of these projects in Ethiopia and Eritrea and hear from the communities we partner with here.

Vita is funded by the Irish Government through Irish Aid and the Embassy of Ireland in Ethiopia, the European Union, philanthropic organisations, religious communities, the Irish agri-food sector, public donations and private individuals. You can find out more about our friends here

. Vita Green Impact Fund and Carbon Calculator

The Vita Green Impact Fund (VGIF)  is a ground-breaking, award winning social impact investment opportunity which combines climate action with delivery on the UN Sustainable Development Goals. This innovative, next generation funding model aims to redress the balance of economic development while achieving climate justice for those most adversely affected by climate change.

VGIF offers impact investors a unique triple bottom line of financial returns alongside measurable and independently verified social and climate impact. The fund has received international acclaim, winning Environmental Finance’s 2018 Best Individual Carbon Offset Project as well as being nominated for a prestigious Irish Times Innovation Award in 2019. In 2020, Vita’s work in Eritrea was recognised with a 2020  Energy Global Award. Find out more at www.vitagreenimpactfund.com


 Carbon Offsetting with Vita’s Unique Carbon Calculator

What is carbon offsetting? Carbon offsetting is the neutralising of carbon emissions by preventing an equal amount of carbon from being released into the atmosphere somewhere else. Vita creates carbon savings through clean water and fuel-efficient cookstove programmes. These life-saving programmes prevent the cutting down of trees for fuel to cook or sterilise dirty water, thereby saving carbon emissions from being released while also improving the health and livelihoods of vulnerable rural communities. Carbon offsetting with Vita is a straightforward and verified process. Watch this video to find out how you – whether you are acting as an individual or a business – can begin your offsetting journey or head to our quick-and-easy Carbon Calculator to get started!