Vita Celebrates 30 years of Support from Irish People

To see some of the photos from our special celebration, you can find them here

In his autobiography, Vita’s founder, Father Kevin Doheny, wrote that “our task and our privilege is to build bridges to enable people to cross the gulfs that divide them”. Our founding patron, St Teresa of Calcutta, simply stated that “Do your best- this is not your work, this is God’s work.”

Over the past 30 years, that statement has remained at the heart of everything we do, and is a symbol of our journey from Refugee Trust International to the Vita you know today.

Providing support to refugees in areas of conflict, we soon recognised a greater need to tackle the extreme poverty and economic causes that forced these communities to leave their homes and livelihoods and have worked ever since to build bridges to sustainable livelihoods and thriving rural economies that outlive and evolve beyond us.

That has been our mission and now our achievement over the past 30 years. Our life-changing programmes have reached 5 million people spanning ten countries, from Pakistan to Rwanda to Moldova, to, most recently, our close partners and communities in Africa. 

We have been privileged in Vita to serve communities through our climate-smart and innovative programmes.

However, none of our work would have been possible without you – our supporters, our partners, and our friends, old and new. Thanks to your generous support, Vita’s programmes have helped over five million people escape hunger, poverty and the impacts of climate change. This incredible success is the result of your loyalty, generosity, and friendship – thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

Looking forward…

We currently concentrate our efforts in Africa, where poverty, hunger and inequality are compounded in rural communities due to the harsh effects of climate change. We hope to continue mitigating these effects and supporting communities towards prosperous and sustainable economies, and expect to reach another four million people over the next five years.

Our focus will continue to be producing innovative, scalable programmes centred around:

Clean, fuel-efficient cook-stoves that reduce drudgery and improve health and well-being, mainly for women and children

Climate-smart agriculture such as improved potato, cereals, livestock, poultry, fruit & vegetable production that will enable communities to face the considerable environmental challenges ahead.

Access to clean water for all, drastically reducing illness & death from water-borne diseases

Protecting the environment through tree planting and rainwater harvesting so that families can create sustainable farming livelihoods within their own communities.

The next thirty years will be challenging, and Vita is well positioned to continue and grow our life- transforming programmes. We can only do this with your continued support. Until the day that we are not needed anymore! To find out how you can best support us, click here