Important Notice – The law on gathering and storing personal information is changing

Thank you for your interest in Vita’s work and your ongoing support, which is very much appreciated. The law around how charities like Vita engages with people is changing, and EU citizens now need give their consent to all organisations,  including Vita to store their personal details, such as contact details, and to determine how those details are used in the future. This is called the GDPR legislation, and details can be found here Official Data Protection Documentation

We now need to know whether you wish to continue hearing about our work fighting hunger and climate change in Africa. Please use this form to update your contact preferences below.

Please note: We will only keep your private data to contact you a couple of times a year, either by post or by email, and only if you indicate your consent. Rest assured that we would never sell or give your data to any third party. Thank you, as always, for your support.

Please view our privacy policy document here:  Vita Website Privacy Policy Document

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