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Community Led Approach to Total Adoption of Improved Cook Stoves

A community–led, ground-up model of development has long been recognised as the most efficient and cost effective way of scaling up impactful programmes in developing countries. Recognising this, Vita first partnered with the Community-led Total Sanitation (CLTS) Foundation in 2004. 


Seed, Fruit and Vegetable Production

From improved seed varieties to introducing new crops, farming methods and storage facilities, Vita’s climate-smart agriculture programmes are harvesting more than mere kilos of nutritious fruit and vegetables.

They are cultivating stable livelihoods, community resilience and entrepreneurship amongst rural farmers, unemployed youths, and previously vulnerable women. Read how these farmers in Ethiopia and Eritrea are reaping the benefits from our innovative projects supported by expert partners and supporters.

Livestock Programmes

Livestock are valuable assets for the rural poor and are critical in supporting their livelihoods as a source of income and food security. Cattle farming continues to depreciate as herds are lost to conflict, lack of available fodder, and desertification caused by environmental breakdown.

Together with its partners, Vita is engaged in livestock breed improvement, provision of livestock fodder and access to water, rangeland rehabilitation, providing access to veterinary services and capacity building for co-operatives, dairy farmers and local government.

Fuel-Efficient Cook Stoves

Home is where the hearth is. Yet, in Africa, that hearth is having a detrimental effect on women’s health, quality of life, time, and independence – not to mention the health of their young families. Traditional cooking methods in Africa are inefficient, dangerous, and harmful to the environment. Vita’s fuel-efficient cook stove programme provides women with improved stoves that improve health, save time, trees, and money. Good for health, the pocket, female empowerment, and the environment, these stoves are changing lives for the better.

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Empowering Women

A woman is the epicentre of her home. She is the one to cook, clean, and care for her often large family. On top of this, almost 30% of households in East Africa are headed by women, with over half of these women lone mothers caring for children under 15. Vita works to empower women so they have more time, better health, and secure income to look after their families and break the cycle of poverty.

The Power of the Potato

Vita recognises a new approach is required that enables development partners to create equitable and sustainable potato value chains if the potential of potatoes as a food crop in Africa is to be realised.

To this end, we have come together with Ireland and, indeed, the world’s leading potato experts to develop innovative potato seed, storage, and cooperative programmes that have the potential to solve international development issues. Find out more about the Irish Potato Coalition, our work with Teagasc, Keogh’s Farms and CIP below.

Stories from our Partners

Vita is immensely proud to work with incredible organisations and individuals who support our work with unwavering encouragement, expertise, and knowledge. Read about some of these partnerships below and how, together, we are working to make a better world.