Stories from our Partners

Vita is immensely proud to work with incredible organisations and individuals who support our work with unwavering encouragement, expertise, and knowledge. Read about some of these partnerships below and how, together, we are working to make a better world.

The Ties that Bind – Maria Douglas shares her trip to Ethiopia

What if most of us have got it wrong? What if helping communities move from a place of dependency to a place of independence is not about providing them with skills, inputs, tangibles, but instead about forging relationships which make them feel truly equal to begin with?

These are just some of the thoughts that ran through my head during a recent trip to Ethiopia, courtesy of the organisation Vita.

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Onaway and Vita – finding solutions for climate-affected tribesmen in South Omo, Ethiopia

“I want to stay here, with my cattle and my family,” so says Akula, the tribal leader of this Dassanech village on the banks of South Omo, in the southernmost tip of Ethiopia. “We saw our brothers in villages further from the river suffer badly over the last few seasons, because the rains were so late. Their cattle suffered from lack of water and food, and many of them died. When this happens to a Dassanech man it is very bad. How can he afford his bride-price if he has no cattle?” says Akula, explaining that cattle are the single most important indicator of wealth and status in his tribe. “A man must kill many cattle when his daughters become women, and until then they cannot marry – who would want a woman like that who has not had this celebration and been blessed by the elders of her clan?”

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Ireland’s Green Team Go Even Greener with Irish NGO Vita

Whatever about their performance in the upcoming Tokyo Olympics, Team Ireland became climate champions, having revealed that they will be teaming up with leading Irish NGO Vita to offset their travel to the 2020 Games. Given the immense social benefits of Vita’s programmes, Team Ireland’s decision to support Vita perfectly embodies the mantra of the 2020 Olympics: “be better, together – for the planet and the people.” 

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Community Led Approach to Fuel Efficient Cook Stoves: a joint initiative between CLTS Foundation and Vita

“Last week (20th Nov 2018 to 29th Nov 2018), CLTS Foundation joined hands with Vita, an Irish NGO  to commit to the cause of contributing to Ethiopia’s strategy to improve efficiency of biomass use which plays a major role in Ethiopia’s vision of becoming a middle-income country with a Climate-Resilient Green Economy (CRGE) by 2025.

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