€60 provides ten fruit and vegetable starter packs



Support farmers and families with the gift of a sustainable livelihood and fresh food


Thanks to your generosity in purchasing this gift, ten families will now have a reliable source of both food and income as they can sell the surplus fruit and vegetables they will grow from these starter packs 

Now more than ever, as we live through this unprecedented pandemic, we are all realising the value and importance of reliable access to fresh food. That is why your gift has never been more needed. While we here in Ireland might wonder what the next few months will do to our food supply, food scarcity is a mundane reality for many families in East Africa who have only ever known a life of uncertainty, hunger and the unconquerable problem of too little food for too many people – a concern that is only getting worse as climate change accelerates. 

Your gift will change this. Our fruit and vegetable projects target the most vulnerable families in Ethiopia and Eritrea to provide them with seeds, training, and skills that will ensure they can become self-sufficient and prosperous farmers. We particularly focus on supporting women and single mothers with this project. As they are often the most vulnerable, this project gives them an independence and income they would otherwise be without.