Vita Programmes


A large focus of Vita’s seed work is enabling farmers to produce high quality seeds: potatoes, vegetables and cereals such as millet and wheat. 

Based on its work on potatoes with CIP and local partners, Vita recognised the potential that potatoes can provide as a staple food. Potatoes are a highly nutritious crop and are ideal for boosting household food security.

They are adaptive to climate change as they use less water per nutritional output than all other major food sources grown across Africa. Using improved varieties and farm practices, potatoes have potential to double or treble current food yields and the potential to have a significant impact on both household nutrition and increased farm income.

We also create storage capacity at the farm and cooperative level for both ware and seed potato. 

Similarly, Vita works with families to provide improved vegetable seeds and through training in vegetable production. Projects such as these give families a chance to boost their income, improve food security and diversify their nutrition. 

Vita is working with farmer groups to build their capacity for producing high quality cereal seeds for equitable distribution across the informal seed sector.