Vita Green Impact Fund

The Vita Green Impact Fund is a ground-breaking climate mitigation social impact investment combining climate action with delivery on the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

The fund aims to redress the balance of economic development while achieving climate justice for those most adversely affected by climate change.

It offers impact investors a unique triple bottom line of financial returns alongside measurable and independently verified social and climate impact.

In the “proof of concept” phase launched in 2016, the Fund raised €2m including €1.5m in interest-bearing loans and €0.5m in grants.  This Fund was invested to provide sustainable and affordable water and energy to 400,000 rural people in Eritrea and Ethiopia.

In the process, two million tons of carbon emission savings will be generated and these emissions are sold on voluntary carbon markets with the income used to repay investors and the surplus for reinvestment back into the communities which created the emissions savings in the first place. It is a next generation, equitable model of social and climate justice. 

In 2019 and 2020, Vita is scaling up the Green Impact Fund to provide four million people in five countries in Africa with sustainable and affordable water, energy and forestry. It will generate up to four million tons of annual carbon emission savings, a highly significant climate change mitigation programme.

To learn more about the Vita Green Impact Fund and how your business can benefit from getting involved, you can find out more at

How it Works:

Carbon Offsetting 

A carbon credit results from an action that leads to a reduction of one tonne of CO2 emission. For example, not burning firewood leads to a reduction in CO2 being released into the atmosphere. In Africa Vita provides access to clean water, thereby reducing the necessity to burn wood to make water safe for drinking. We also deliver fuel efficient cook stoves which drastically reduce the amount of wood needed for cooking. If the emission reductions from these programmes are carefully measured and independently accredited* then they can generate carbon credits.  

These credits are available for sale to organisations and individuals who wish to offset their carbon footprint – so by calculating your footprint and purchasing an equal number of offsets you will effectively become carbon neutral. It is the fastest way to achieve emissions reductions and the only way to achieve carbon neutrality. And the carbon calculator that Vita is working on will help you do just that. We hope to have it on our website very shortly. 

Choosing to offset through Vita means you’ll support best practice projects that deliver value for the environment, for you and most importantly for the most disadvantaged communities in Africa. Get started on your carbon offsetting journey by using our Carbon Calculator here.

*The Gold Standard Foundation, Switzerland